The Future of Smartphones in 2030: What to Expect?

Future of smartphones in 2030

What to expect?

We are living in an age where a single moment during the day without our smart devices in our hands or pockets is unthinkable. From socializing to performing official tasks, smartphones are constantly in use and heavily relied upon by people of all socio-economic classes. Due to the rapid technological advancement, the smartphones are rendering all other forms of entertainment, information, and communication obsolete. Future of smartphones in 2030 will reshape the world. However, the technological advancement in the smartphone industry is only just getting started. As there are numerous technological updates already on the horizon for the near future. Let us have a look at some of the potential features that smartphones are likely to get in the next couple of years.

Bezel-Less Screens

Although Bezel-Less Screens can be considered as a pre-existing technology, it is still yet to be perfected. Imagine holding a smartphone in your hand that looks like a glass mirror with no borders or creases and super sleek & slim design. Not only will it look like a gadget out of a sci-fi movie. But this technology will also completely revolutionize the overall smartphone experience. Making activities such as watching videos, playing games, snapping photos, etc. super convenient and more fun than ever.

Artificial Intelligence

Smartphones have already become as important as oxygen for most of us, however, the times are not that far off when the smartphones will be able to memorize our routine, analyze our behavior patterns and identify our emotions. Though it may sound a bit freaky, smartphones are in fact quite literally going to be just as smart, if not smarter than actual human beings.

Future of smartphones
Holographic Display Concept

Holographic Display

It is also currently in the works and is going to be a really neat party trick of the more high-end devices. We all remember the scene from the movie ‘I. Robot’ when Detective Spooner (Will Smith) projects the image of Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell) to converse with him. If this technology were ever to be realized, the entire communication paradigm, be it personal or related to business, will change forever.

Future of smartphones


With so many technological advancements set to occur in the smartphones, you’d think that there won’t be enough room left for the battery. Which is why various technology moguls are currently working on a brand new technology called the Nano-Batteries. Not only will these batteries cover less space, but will also be more durable, more compatible, and chargeable through solar energy.

Wireless Charging

As long as we’re on the subject of batteries, let’s talk about another technological advancement i.e. Wireless Charging. Some people might argue that Samsung has already introduced that technology. They’d be right to an extent because one still has to place his/her smart device on a charging pad for their device to recharge. Wireless Charging concept implies that there doesn’t have to be any wire or pad that your phone needs to be connected with or placed on. Numerous tech-wizards are working on long-range wireless charging. Whereby a device will be able to receive charge through laser technology, ultra-sound waves, or radio signals. With this technology, the hassle of connecting the phones to charges or placing them on charging pads will be completely eliminated.

With the current pace of technological advancements, it is no surprise that the smartphone market is as active and as competitive as it is. This serves as a great advantage for the end consumers as owing to the plentiful buying options at various price points, everyone would be able to enjoy the spoils of the war among all of the technological juggernauts.